Beer mixed drinks

Beer Mixed Drinks

Beer mixed drinks. What? Why? Are you kidding me? Hardcore beer drinkers probably would’ve asked and wondered why we have to spoil perfect, delicious, and simple creation. What is wrong with you?
In that respect, the traditional beer drinker is similar to the scotch drinker; the only thing you put in the single malt scotch is more scotch, well, maybe a drop of water. The same goes with beer; the only thing that goes in is more of the same.

Over the years, I got a lot of similar comments regarding using beer in cocktails, and I respect people’s opinions, but having a drink is not just about drinking. It is about appreciating, experimenting, and trying different aromas and tastes. Without trying something new, You will never know what will be missing. Be adventures and give it a go.

Flavors have one unique ability; they can bring back long-forgotten memories.


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